We are launching our brand new sister memorial website Dragonfly Memories March 9th in honor of my mother who left for Heaven in 1997. It is a wonderful family memorial website where all the proceeds go to A Hero's Tribute.Org. This is going to be an awesome opportunity to reach out to more of our Country's fallen heroes families. God has His hand in this and it's going to be amazing!


Our Mission:

To honor the life of each fallen firefighter, law enforcement officer and military servicemen/women as well as working with each family to create a celebration of life for their Hero. We will create a memorial page on A Hero's Tribute.Org which will include their most precious photos and memories. It is of the utmost importance that we show these families that our country has not and will not ever forget their sacrifice.​
To Our Fallen Heroes Families:
Our hearts, prayers and deepest sympathy's go out to your family. It's not just your fallen hero that served and sacrificed for the freedoms of us all. 
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"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."                                                                                       by John F. Kennedy
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Would you like to Sponsor a Memorial?
  • Would you like to Sponsor a Memorial?

  • We offer several opportunities to sponsor a memorial for one or more of our Heroes Families...

  • A complete memorial package is $95 and includes an online memorial page, memorial portrait, music and condolences that are posted personally, and, two 8 x 10 memorial portrait prints.   Click here to view​ a memorial

  • A memorial portrait package is $30 plus shipping of $7.95

When you​ sponsor a memorial for someone you know in the military, fire service or police service or we will select a Fallen Hero for you. With either sponsorship I encourage you to send a sympathy card from your family or business to us so we can include that in your gift.

We are under the umbrella of A Team of God's 501c (3). If you are making a large donation the you can make your check out to A Team of God and earmark the donation for A Hero's Tribute.Org. We are filing for our own ​tax exempt status in 2017.

Gold Star Moms, Inc.
So much has been happening that 2017 is going to be an awesome busy year. We will be opening our gift shop online very soon and we are have our own t-shirt logo made for us by a veteran tattoo artist.

We have expanded what we can offer families of Fallen Heroes. We have partnered with mpix.com who will be printing our memorial portraits. We are now able to offer you framed and wrapped canvas memorial portraits! 
Be sure to check out all the new products we offer and you can order a memorial for your family member or friend and the proceeds will be used to create memorial here on A Hero's Tribute.org!
​I'm excited about our two new logos. We'll be using A Hero's Tribute's Logo to make our challenge coin! I've dreamed about it for a long time now and Rudy's Jewelers will be commissioned to make it.

We will be recruiting kids 2 to 12 for Prayer Pals and 13 & up for our Prayer Brigade.
Our 2018 Summer Tour!

Since I began A Hero's Tribute in 2004 I had no clue where it would go. I have learned that everyone grieves differently. I understand now why it is so hard for our military heroes to live with the loss of their comrades and why that grieve on Memorial Day. I've learned how PTSD effects our military, our law enforcement and our firefighters in their lives and the lives of their families. I've made life long friends and all they want is for our country to never forget the sacrifice their fallen hero made.  I have dreamed of traveling the country visiting families of fallen heroes that we were honored to create a memorial and celebration of their lives.  

I can remember a few years ago here in NC there were veterans marching with the American flag and for each branch of the armed forces. The motor home that they walked in front of was decorated in patriotic graphics. I pulled off to the side of the road as they passed. I got chills and my eyes filled with tears and that is as emotion I would like to create as we travel in our avion. I want it to be a silent reminder that our freedom and our safety comes at a cost and we need to remember and pray for their families left behind.
​We're excited to announce our new sponsor mpix. They will be printing and shipping all of our memorials both on A Hero's Tribute.Org and Dragonfly-Memories.Com