A Hero's Tribute would like to thank Celtic Woman for allowing us to include their beautiful music on our memorials since 2005.  They give our memorials so much meaning.
Celtic Woman
"Celebrate Me Home"
"An Honor to Serve"
"The Anchor Holds"
From the very beginning of A Hero's Tribute I wanted the memorials of our fallen military, firefighters and law enforcement officers to be a place of honor, respect, reverence & comfort for families, comrades and friends. Each artist below has allowed A Hero's Tribute to create memorials using their work. The combination of all three is what makes gives special meaning.
Daywind Studios

We have truly been blessed that world renown christian artist 
Danny Hahlbohm allows us to incorporate part of his creations into each memorial portrait that we give to families of our fallen. A Hero's Tribute is the only one in the world that that he has allowed to do this. It is such an honor.
Artistic Credits
We are just elated the Roy & Rosemary has given us permission to use their beautiful music. Most of our music has words but with their music there are no words needed...

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