"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."                                                                                       by John F. Kennedy
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To Our Country's Dearest Families,

My heart, prayers and deepest sympathy's go out to your family. It's not just your Fallen Hero that served and Sacrificed for the freedoms of us all, it is your family too. I come from a law enforcement been a proud Army Mom for thirteen years. My son has had three deployments in Iraq. I realized during those deployments what it meant to "pray without ceasing". I can't even imagine the pain you went through and what you must still be going through. I pray that day never comes for me but if it does it gives me hope that I will survive it from seeing how you have and are still surviving it. 

My son had returned home from his 15th month deployment to Iraq and I asked him if he would look at a memorial video I had made. He sat on the couch and as I played the video he jumped up because I had a memorial of his friend that he did not know had died. As a mother I felt so bad that he found out that way. He told me he could not watch anymore but asked me to keep creating memorials because he did not want them to be forgotten.

I come from a law enforcement family and was married to a fire fighter and I understand the selfless dedication that is needed to be a public servant. As a family we we carry the emotional weight knowing our loved one puts their life in danger everyday they go to work or respond to a call. 

 It would be an Honor to celebrate your Hero's life with our Country. I make a promise to you that I will show your Hero and your family the utmost respect and appreciation for your sacrifice. With God's guidance I will always give to you a memorial that I would want for my son.

I made two promises to myself when I started this 12 years ago and that was I would never charge families for memorials and I would never rush in the creation of each memorial. I take great care when I am researching a Fallen Hero. It might take me four days or two weeks because I would not finish with it until my heart told me it was right.

Sincerely Yours, 

Cheryl Polk
There are several aspects to each memorial that I would like to share with you. It's not just one thing but many things that I feel gives each memorial such meaning and comfort for families.

​Each Memorial page includes the memorial portrait, music, condolences. I choose graphics for condolences to make your memorial page personal. 
Your Hero's memorial page is for you and I will include anything that you would like to see.

Everyone grieves differently so I take that into consideration. The two images below are an examples of how family members use their memorial.  It means he world to me is this small memorial helps families to grieve and heal. I have children like Deidre who wrote to her dad on a regular basis. I've decorate her posts with artwork to compliment her life.
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I would like you to know is that you can email me up to 40 photos of your hero and I will include it in the memorial I create for you. Some families send current photos while others send from infancy to current. When you visit your memorial page I would like for you to be able to think of all the wonderful memories you shared.

The memorials below are examples.

Some family members post often while others on birthdays and anniversaries & holidays. What ever your need is I am here to do that for you. 
Please email me your photo(s) to aherostribute.org@gmail.com   If you have a photo in uniform or dress uniform please send that  for the main memorial
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