Greetings, to everybody that is able to read this memorial page as I write I would like to introduce myself as a Gold Star Spouse, Kristen Santos-Silva the proud spouse to my fallen husband SFC Carlos Santos-Silva, of 2/Charlie, 2-508th PIR, 82nd ABN, 4th BDE. 


My late husband SFC Santos-Silva was serving on his 4th deployment in Afghanistan with 82nd ABN, when 6 months into his deployment an IED struck his truck and my husband was Killed In Action, on March 22, 2010. SFC Santos as many knew him was a platoon sergeant with 2nd plt, Charlie Company. 


SFC Santos-Silva was an outstanding NCO and strived to instill discipline, leadership, commodity, and knowledge among his soldiers, as they were his top priories at work and Cameron and me at home. SFC Santos is truly an outstanding hero. I remember how we meet in September 1997 at Fort Campbell, KY as we were both soldiers, first look at him and I knew I was going to marry him. Carlos supported me as our company Family Readiness Leader, for little over a year. I would tell Carlos I have more packages for the guys, the best story that I have heard was this past Christmas, SFC Santos played Santa Claus and made everybody sit on his lap to receive their Christmas stocking from the FRG. This being said that was SFC Santos, always trying to find the positive in all situations he was presented. Carlos would always have a smile/grin on his face so trying to figure out if he was serious or joking kept you on your toes. SFC Santos was a leader, hero, father, and husband. He truly touched everybody’s heart that was able to meet him, and leave a lasting impression. 


SFC Santos did what he truly loved and he would go back and do it all over again, as he stated to me many times, “Kristen, this is all I know and enjoy”. As, I celebrate SFC Santos and his military service and our life together I am truly blessed by the outreach of support that my son and I have received from our family, friends and the community from Fort Bragg, NC to all around the world. Everybody has touched me in ways that I cannot describe and the support has been outstanding. Carlos might have physically left us, but he remains in everybody’s heart and mind in each way that he has touched us. As he watches over our son Cameron and me; I know he is with me still giving me guidance every step of the way. 


Kristen Santos-Silva, Gold Star Spouse 

SFC Carlos Santos-Silva, KIA March 22, 2010

Soldier was on his fourth deployment

The Associated Press


Carlos Santos-Silva “treated his soldiers like sons,” his father said.

The elder Santos-Silva, Francisco, would know: He was a soldier himself and served for three years at Fort Campbell with Carlos and another son. Francisco Santos-Silva retired in 2000 but enjoyed watching his son blossom as a military man.



“I’ll always remember him as a better soldier than I was,” the father said. “I looked forward to seeing him finish his career and achieve levels higher than I did.”

Santos-Silva, 32, of Clarksville, Tenn., was killed by a roadside bomb March 22 in Kandahar province, Afghanistan. The paratrooper was assigned to Fort Bragg.



Santos-Silva was on his fourth deployment, allowing him to provide valuable insight to his younger soldiers. The platoon sergeant had previously been awarded the Purple Heart and had twice received the Bronze Star.



“He cared deeply about his paratroopers, and they cared deeply about him,” said 1st Lt. Matthew Jarmon, one of Santos-Silva’s superiors. “His men routinely looked to him for leadership guidance, which he readily gave.”



Among the survivors are Santos-Silva’s wife, Kristen, 9-year-old son, Cameron, and his mother.

April 2, 2010




I don't know you, and I didn't know your husband - but my son is in B Co 1st Platoon and I know how he feels about his sergeant. I have no doubt that all of his "boys" felt that way about your husband. It takes a special man to lead these young men, and a very SPECIAL woman to be married to him. Thank you, for your service of standing by your husband and helping to support all the families of C Company. I have no words to express my sorrow for your loss, you and your family have been in my prayers since I read of this. Go with God, and know your husband is guaranteed a place in Heaven.



Sincerely, Sabrina Casanova Brown

May 30, 2011


I don't know how to begin this letter, I'm so heartbroken hearing the news about Carlos. My heart goes out to Kristen and Camron. Carlos was the best friend I ever had and the kindest person I ever met. I have often wondered how he was and I'm devastated to see he has passed. This world will truely be a little darker without his light to inspire us to be more than ourselves. I love you Carlos and I will never forget your friendship and the memories we shared.


Your Friend, Will



June 7, 2012


I'm so sorry to here of the passing of Carlos Santos-Silva. I was on vacation and flipping through reader's digest magazine that was left in the room. I saw his picture in it and I thought he looked familiar. I realized he was the same Carlos that I went to school with in Ft. Irwin. I met him as a teenager at a hail and farewell at a home in Barstow. He was so nice and I saw him often on post. One spring, I was trying out for the soccer team at school. He and a friend saw me practicing at a field near our housing area and he took the time to show me a few pointers. He was always nice like that. My condolences to his wife and son as well as his brother and parents. He will not be forgotten.


Liz Curtis